About Us
‘Clean Eating’ is the buzzword across the globe right now. More and more people are turning towards locally grown, organic produce that helps them prepare fresh and healthy meals every day. There is an increased awareness about the health hazards of processed/packaged foods and it has been held responsible for multiple lifestyle diseases including obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders. With this background, we would now like to introduce ourselves! Welcome to our Snack Truck, a unique on-the-go service that allows you to access the most nourishing foods anytime, anywhere. Our vision is to serve food that is fresh, organic and makes our customers happy.
How it Began
Let’s go back in time a little and tell you how this Snack Truck dream came to life. I had my first meeting with my wife over a delicious smoothie. Both of us had such a great time that we wanted to refresh this beautiful memory every once in a while. So, each time we would go for a walk, a juice or smoothie was always on our list. It just made the time spent together even more enjoyable! The joy and fun we experienced while sipping our smoothies and juices gave us an idea: why not collect all the ingredients and make our own favorite juices and smoothies at home? The best part was that we kept coming up with different ways to make these beverages taste even better. All this experimentation ultimately helped us become more confident about what we were doing because we had managed to create some super delicious juices and smoothies. Our next thought? Well, let’s share these awesome healthy treats with other people!
Our Vision
We started our first snack truck in Dubai back in 2006. The response from the local people was overwhelming; they simply loved our products. We spent a number of years trying to improve the quality of our snacks as much as possible. When we migrated to the United States, we found that there were very limited options available in healthy, fresh snacks in the chain stores in Washington. This prompted us to take the lead and introduce our own range of yummy healthy treats to the local people. With our Snack Truck, we want people to have easy access to healthy snacks all the time. Our aim is to continually invest a lot of time and effort in keeping our products fresh and healthy. This is because we want our customers to savor the excellent taste of our high-quality produce. Please drop by our Snack Truck to give your taste buds an awesome experience!!

All fresh means healthy

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